Tidbits: Tuesday, June 11th.

Tidbits, because a whole post just won’t cut it.

  • Today is achievement testing for my whole school. I get to school, only to be told that I’ll be teaching one 30-minute class. Essentially, I’ve been here four hours staring at the computer and working on odds and ends. I’m not really frustrated, just baffled. Even after a year in Korea, this scheduling still baffles me.
  • The rainy season has come upon us again. When I arrived in August, it was downpour after downpour. It’s the same again, only lighter. Rain boots, ahoy!
  • I counted, and not counting the weekend I go to Seoul for the farewell dinner, I have about three weekends left with my homestay family. Shattering and sobering all at the same time.
  • Don’t forget that I’m a shameless blog promoter. Be sure to check out my post-Korea blog, Runaway Sister. Seriously. Click the link. Subscribe.

geon bae!