Tired, and something else like it.

Guys, it’s time for a confession: I am tired. No, exhausted. I think it’s because I’m afraid I’m not making much of a difference. I sit to make a lesson, and I freeze-up at my computer.

“What if they don’t like it?”

“What if it flops?”

“What if…?”

“What ifs” are the bane of my teaching career. I always think “What if?” but never in a positive context. That might be why I’m so tired. I’m worried about making a difference. Do that, and compound it with the fact that I have 5 weeks left in Korea, and I feel just “Ugh” some days. Namely, today.

So, today, I’m working to overcome the What If monster. But today is only one day, and each class period and a new opportunity.

geon bae!



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