Wednesday Short: Hits and Misses

Yesterday, I was issued my ticket home to the United States. In a mere 60 days, I’ll be waking up in My Old Kentucky Bed in My Old Kentucky Home. I remember when I was counting down and had 60 days until Korea. In the past 316 days, I’ve become a better teacher and I dare say, a better person.

But, like any endeavor, my time here in South Korea has had its hits and misses. More hits than misses (thankfully), but I think it’s important to share these feelings so far.


  1.  I’ve become a better teacher.
  2. Cliche time: I know teaching is my life calling, and Korea has affirmed that belief.
  3. I’ve been able to travel to Japan and simply live in a foreign country. That alone is pretty awesome.
  4. I’m living with an awesome host family and I’ll always have friends in Korea.
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner.
  6. Cheese bread.
  7. Culture.
  8. Cheap domestic and international airfare.
  9. Hostels. Oh, the hostels.
  10. Toast.
  11. I’ve discovered a whole new world of living abroad and heck, I might even return one day. You never know!
  12. I’ve learned that language isn’t really needed to form friendships. Sometimes all you need is the right non-verbal communication.
  13. Seoul: The greatest (and easiest to navigate) city on Earth.
  14. Subways.
  15. Fried Chicken.
  16. Candy.


  1. Korean language. I thought I’d get pretty good at Korean while I was living in Korea. It seems pretty natural. Think again. Most people want to practice English with me, including my host family. And when I try Korean, most people just stare at me. Hey, I tried.
  2. A social life. When I filled out my preference form during Fulbright Orientation, I said that being around other ETAs wasn’t really a priority. Heck, I had big plans to make all the Korean friends and learn all the Korean (see #1). Well, that didn’t quite happen. I have friends at church that like to practice their English with me, and I don’t get to see other island ETAs as much as I’d like. We’re busy people after all.

If you’re a current ETA, what are your hits and misses? Let me know!

geon bae!




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