Weekly Digest: May 13, 2013

Things have been busy around here, friends! I’ve decided that rather than strive for daily posts (something I’ve failed at recently), I’m going to post a weekly digest for your reading pleasure.

The week that was:

  • Last Friday, I was offered a job teaching English/language arts at a middle school in Western Kentucky. I accepted the position and I’ m very excited to return to Kentucky and begin my teaching career.
  • Last Monday I packed up a box of my winter clothes to ship back to the USA. The weather has turned hot here, though I’m not complaining. Now I just need to get off my lazy and get the box to the post office with the help of my host family.
  • A new McDonald’s opened in Seogwipo a few weeks ago, and on Friday, I went inside the restaurant for the first time. Just let me say: It was a class act if there ever was one. Clean floors, modern layout, REAL CUPS. Prior to this McDonald’s visit, I had only been to McD’s in Korea once in August (and it was a bit disappointing). However, I was impressed with the new McDonald’s. So much so that I’ll probably go back.
  • As of the writing of this blog post, I have 60 days until I return to the United States. It doesn’t seem real, does it? I think I’ll be receiving my flight information soon.
  • Overall, I am pleased with myself. I have grown as a teacher and I have more solid goals for myself in the future.

geon bae!



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