When lazy things happen to diligent people.

The last time I posted was April 17th, 2013.

It’s been a long time, friends. However, I assure you all that I am still alive and well in South Korea. It’s simply that life has become a bit laggy. You know, normal and everyday. It seems as if I’ve run out of stories to tell here in Korea, and I’ve just realized that I have 9 weeks left here in the ROK.

That’s right: NINE WEEKS.

This is unreal. I am halfway through my spring semester, and with exams and tests, the time with my students will be lessened. It is as if this whole year has been a wild dream that I don’t quiet understand.

This is by no means my final post, but I’ve realized that my time really is coming to an end. I’ve applied to almost 60 schools and school districts, and I even have 2 Skype interviews this week. I’m praying for a bite.

This week I’m teaching a lesson about beauty and perception. It went off with very few hitches, and I’m pretty happy. I’m happy with the way my teaching has improved over this year. I believe it truly has.

geon bae on this lovely Monday!



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