Thursday Tidbits: April 11, 2013

Thursday Tidbits: Because it’s been a long week.

  • Today was my host grandmother’s birthday! We went to eat duck and sat round talking for a while. I found that birthdays are very special in Korea: usually marked with a nice meal and the giving of money. Not too different from the United States! 
  • This week I taught a lesson about social networking. My students made “profiles” and shared them. The students who shared won a sticker or pencil prize. It’s weeks like this that I love teaching. I know I came into the right career.
  • This weekend, we were given the date for our farewell dinner in Seoul. Can it already be time to begin thinking about goodbyes? I will be deeply sad to depart Korea. I have made a strange sort of life here.
  • Today, a student wanted me to spell “turtle.” However, instead of saying the word in English, she kept flapping her arms. It was like charades. “Otter?” “Tutor?” “Daughter?” “Oh…turtle!!!” Sometimes it takes me a moment to understand what a student is trying to say and they often use charades to help me understand if they don’t have the English skills to convey their thoughts.
  • Lots of people ask “Is North Korea a threat?” Short answer: no. North Korea has a lot to lose and the U.S.-ROK forces would take care of business the moment the North advances. Truthfully, I hear all my North Korea news from the United States, where they hype is high. Often, I’ll run across a Internet meme or an article American friends have posted. Don’t buy the hype.  If South Koreans aren’t afraid, you don’t need to be afraid.
  • My students told me I have “sharp nose,” which is apparently desirable. You go, sharp nose.

geon bae!



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