That moment when…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am no stranger to awkwardness. It comes naturally. So, when I walked through the door today and my host sister was excitedly showing my a box of goodies her friends had given her, I almost went through the floor.

Why, you ask? Because today is her birthday. I’ve been living here for 8 months. I should have known today was her birthday, I mean, we’ve seen the world together! Arg! I mean, I didn’t even say “Happy Birthday!” this morning. Now I’m hoping to goodness they don’t think I’m inconsiderate! But so far, so good. Smiles all around ya’ll!

In the meantime, things are looking up in a different kind of south. Tomorrow, one of my ETA friends will be spending the night with me before the big spring conference here on Jeju Island! This weekend all ETAs and Fulbright Junior Researchers will get together, go to workshops, eat, and learn more about our experiences. I always enjoy these Fulbright meetings and I end up learning much more than I expect.

Tomorrow night I have an Americorps interview via Skype. I pray that it goes well, as I’m trying to cover all of the bases for after my grant is complete. That is, if I do not decide to renew next year (cue suspenseful music). Oh the decisions we must make in our lives of first-world problems and minutiae.

Spring is almost here – and that’s a good thing! The cold has been here for far too long. In that vein, I leave you to think about your own awkward experiences: whether it’s forgetting a birthday or walking around with toilet paper on your shoe.

geon bae!



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