Only God and the Koreans

If you asked me what was going on today, I’d probably tell you that only God and the Koreans knew what was fully happening. In short: Today is the first day of a new academic year in Korea. Unlike in the States, where school starts in August and goes until May, Korean schools go from March until December. And today, my friends, is the first day of school.

For the foreign English teacher, the first day of Korean school can pose many challenges. For example, I discovered that I now have a new “main” Fulbright co-teacher, I am now the only English speaker in my teacher’s office, and this morning, I read the schedule wrong (I was early rather than late, kudos to me).

So, what exactly is going on today? Only God and the Koreans know. However, I’m looking forward to it.

geon bae from the new (and slightly more confusing) school year!



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