Only God and the Koreans, part 2.

That’s right, today you get a double header. That’s what the first days of school are for.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am closing in on my 10th hour at school. That’s right: I’ve been here for almost four hours. Some of my fellow Fulbrighters might scoff at this. They may stay longer, but for me, this is epic. In fact, many of my fellow teachers are still here, too. Though I’ve been finished with teaching for 5 hours, there were lots of “first day” laundry to take care of: meetings, getting schedules, rearranging desks.

Long story short: This has been a crazy first day of school. Now I’m waiting to go to dinner with my fellow teachers, which should happen in 13 minutes at 5:00p.m.

This new school day has came with new co-teachers, a new schedule, and tomorrow, new students beginning middle school. This week will be a busy week, but I’m grateful for it. I’d rather be up to my eyeballs in school than lazing around the house.

Here’s to the first day of school, part 2.



3 thoughts on “Only God and the Koreans, part 2.

    • I don’t speak Korean, but the schools provide a great support system with an English-speaking coteacher. Also, if you teach in Korea, you’re usually through an agency that will provide support, too. You should have no problems at all. Best of luck!

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