Unexpected good things.

As I said in yesterday’s post, my winter camp has been a blast. Today was the final day of the camp and many of the students thought that I would now be going back to the United States. One student even gave me a gift for teaching winter camp. How thoughtful of her! In other news:

The partial text of a letter that a student sent me.

The partial text of a letter that a student sent me.

  • This week really renewed my passion for teaching. I’ve always loved and wanted to be a teacher, but I often questioned if I was effective at my job. However, this week really opened my eyes to the joys of teaching. Of course, not every class will be like winter camp. Not all students are super pumped for learning English, but I won’t let that stop me.
  • I also spent time reflecting on my previous semester and realized that it was tough. It’s like ending a long week and realizing that it was a long week. It was a great semester, but it was tough. This semester, I’m dedicated to trying new things in the classroom so my students can learn English.
  • I’m thinking about a theme for this upcoming semester. I want to do something with women’s history (I teach at an all-girls’ school), but I also need to tie it into English grammar and skills. If you have any advice, drop it in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget that March is Women’s History Month in the USA.
  • Since moving to Korea, one thing I have missed is baking. I have also struggled to find a hobby. Because ovens are not commonplace in Korean homes, so I have not been able to bake for about 7 months (save the few times I was in the USA). Over winter camp, I realized that I could do no-bake recipes (we did a peanut butter bar for winter camp – a big hit!) and satisfy my need to create foodstuffs. I want to bake at least once for the teacher’s office at school and for my home stay family.
  • I’m still trying to understand that I have about 4 months left in Korea. This has been the fastest year of my life, and I’m approaching the eight-month mark. That’s almost the time it takes to have a baby.
  • I’m looking forward to spring conference, which will be held in my city of Seogwipo at the KAL Hotel (Korean Air Lines). It will be like those staycations everybody is always talking about.

Until next time. geon bae!



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