…and we’re back! After a month of silence.

And, ladies and gentlemen, I am back to blogging!

Last night, at about 11 pm, my host sister and I stumbled into the Lazybird Guesthouse after a 27-hour journey back to South Korea. My visit home was a good, but ferociously quick two weeks. I ate all the food, saw all the friends, and took all the naps.

Now it is the end of January and I’m stuck wondering where the time has gone. This weekend will mark my 7-month anniversary of my Fulbright adventure and the 5-month mark of living on Jeju Island. Next month, I will teach a four-day winter camp at my school and then venture off to Seoul again for one last hurrah before the new semester begins. At the end of February, I will have only four months remaining in Korea. My, my how a year does pass.

During this new semester, I’ll be trying new teaching tricks, applying for teaching jobs in the USA, and looking ahead to graduate school. South Korea, Part 2 should be an adventure and I hope you’re along for the ride.

geon bae!



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