Lessons from Tokyo

Lessons from Tokyo

  1. Crepes in Tokyo are unreal delicious. I had a cream cheese crepe today, wrapped in a waxy paper cone.
  2. In Harajuku, the crowds cannot be stirred with a stick. It was so heavy with human traffic, but I don’t regret going to the famous fashion and shopping district. While there, I purchased a grab bag for 3,000 yen and received a face cream bottle, makeup bag, body wash, and lots of other personal grooming products. I certainly got my money back on that purchase.
  3. So far, I’ve eaten at Denny’s (a place I wouldn’t touch in the States) and the Japanese version of the US chain Shoney’s. Good grief, was it delicious and I was impressed. Best crab pasta I’ve eaten. I think there’s something iconic about eating western-style foods in a foreign country.
  4. Today I went to my first Hello Kitty store. I think it’s high time to confess that Hello Kitty is my juvenile guilty pleasure. There’s something adorable about a white Japanese bobcat dressed in pink. I bought a mug with various Hello Kitty pictures on it.
  5. I have discovered Tokyo to be a friendly city. Part of my coat was touching the floor in the restaurant and Japanese woman kindly let me know. How nice.
  6. Subways are confusing.
  7. Tokyo is notorious for being expensive, but if you play a mean budgeting game, you can do a lot for minimal money.
  8. Two words: Picture booth. Alley and I went into a the many famous Tokyo picture booths, which made our eyes look bigger and our skin flawless. It was most beautiful.
  9. We sometimes get on the wrong subways and/or trains. As they say, you always find your way home.
  10. For some reason, toast is much better in Asia. Sorry, USA.
  11. Hostels are great places to meet other people from foreign countries. It’s an experience in itself.
  12. Tokyo is a busy, crowded city not for the faint of tourist heart.

Have you been to Tokyo? What did you like?

geon bae from the Land of the Rising Sun!



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