Long time gone or finally posting.

I’ve been absent for the past few days: mostly due to wild naps, days off, and forgetting the day and time. It’s been pretty good being on break for the past week, and I appreciate every moment. This past week, I’ve went to Jeju City, into town for a desert break, and walked around Seogwipo City. It’s been great, but I’m on the verge of the most epic January of my life. Let the tidbits do the talking.

1. I leave for my trip to Tokyo on Monday, and I depart for Tokyo on Tuesday. I’ll be taking my first Korean Air flight (I love the pretty blue planes!), and I think this will all be part of the wonderful excitement.

2. 18 days until I touch down in Kentucky! My host sister is planning to travel with me and she will receive her passport next week. Here’s to hoping the visa waiver and airline tickets go off without a hitch. I think she’ll love Kentucky.

3. I made box of macaroni and cheese today. With a stove that uses real flames. I’m a winner…and a piggy!

4. I need to start packing for Tokyo.

5. Over my winter break (before leaving for Kentucky), I’ll be interviewing Korean English teachers in Jeju City. I love talking to Korean English teachers!

geon bae,



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