The strangest kind of homesick.

These past few days, I’ve been overcome with the strangest kind of homesickness.

I see all of these Facebook posts about my fellow Fulbrighters heading home for the Christmas holiday and I’m flooded with feelings of strange homesickness. Of course, I should not feel homesick. I’m going home in a little over 20 days. But I still feel the most odd type of homesickness. I want to be home NOW, like everybody else. Right now is Christmas Eve in the US. If I’m correct (and I usually am), my family will watch the classic Christmas movie A Christmas Story approximately 5 times today. Is this the “lie in squalor” homesickness? Of course not. It’s just the “Everybody is home and I’m a bit jealous” homesickness.

  • In that vein, it’s a mere 8 days until Tokyo. That’s right: 8 days. I’m so excited I can’t stand it.
  • I found an in-color version of It’s a Wonderful Life on YouTube. Guess what I’m watching tomorrow?
  • Did you know that Christmas Eve is a regular work day in Korea?
  • I just saw one of my white shirts hanging on the laundry line outside and thought it was a bona fide  ghost.
  • On Saturday, I went with my host family to the Jeju-si KAL (Korean Air) Hotel to eat buffet dinner. Korean buffet dinner did not disappoint, and that’s the truth.

I am blessed to say that Korea is treating me well. This has been a lovely Christmas holiday and I wish you all the best holiday in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Merry Christmas from the ROK and geon bae,




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