Thursday Short: The end is near.

That’s right, I said it: the end is near.

The end of the academic year, of course. Then, there’s something about the end of the world next Friday. However, I pay little mind to ancient calendars, much like modern calendars. The sometimes get in my way.

However, The End of the semester has brought it’s own joys and sadness. For example, my third grade classes will be moving on up and away to high school. I probably won’t seem them again, save in the city on the weekends. However, everyone will go up a grade and new students will come in. There’s something about seeing new people come in to a place. With four more calendar days remaining on my semester, it’s very hard to believe.

Now, I’m preparing for international travel and I’m excited. I’m excited to see the world and all its worth. I’m excited to be coming home for a visit, but I’m excited to see more of Korea during my vacation period.

Here’s to winter break and geon bae!



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