Tuesday Short: Minutiae

I have six calendar days of the semester remaining and because of finals at school, I’m primarily deskwarming, which is the fine art of sitting at a desk and fiddling on the computer. Granted, I’ve been lesson-planning,  but a lot of deskwarming involves reading blogs, writing blogs, and staring at the Facebook. It’s been fast and great semester. I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it and I wouldn’t change my Korea experience for the world. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost half over. Honestly, with the semester coming to a fast close, it seems as if I have nothing to blog about except lists. With that being said, I present kind readers with a list of minutiae.

  1. I wanted to show my students all of the great landmarks of the United States, so in a YouTube video, I entered “best in America.” The search result? Charlie Daniels. Good suggestion, YouTube.
  2. I don’t think Koreans know what Milky Way candy bars are. That’s a crying shame that I will fix. Mark my words.
  3. My host mom is almost finished knitting me a magenta-pink scarf.
  4. I bought a pair of mittens today.
  5. I mailed two letters today.
  6. I bought three legal pads for writing letters.
  7. My host mom is making pasta.
  8. I’ve eaten my body weight in oranges and kiwi.
  9. Seogwipo City has some flashy Christmas decorations. Like, flashing Cross with a saxophone-playing Santa at the bottom.
  10. One of my best memories of Korea is sitting in the family room by the new wood stove.
  11. I’m planning my three-day winter camp. We’re probably going to make some type of no-bake desert.

What little things are you celebrating today?

geon bae!



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