Monday Short: Spontaneity

Ladies and gentlemen, I am far from a spontaneous person. Like, if I’m going in for spontaneity, I have to plan it first.

On Friday, I discovered that the approaching weekend is a three-day weekend. This morning, curious, I looked to see what fares were available for flights to Seoul this weekend. To my surprise, many “special” fares were available from one of Korea’s many domestic airlines. Long story short: I  booked two nights at a hostel and a round-trip flight to and from Jeju Island. All of this was completed before 9 a.m. Sure, I’ve still got a few days until my mini-vacation to Seoul, but it’s something to look forward to.

Various tidbits:

  • 22 days until Tokyo. I’m exchanging my money soon and getting hyped for Japan adventures.
  • 36 days until I reach My Old Kentucky Home in exchange for a few days of rest. My goal upon reaching Kentucky? Eat Mexican food.
  • 7 more calendar days of school. Next week is a three-day week with finals and the South Korean presidential election.
  • Looking back on my semester, I’ve realized that I’ve come a long way in my teaching.
  • Still need to plan a three-day winter camp. I’ll get on that.
  • I need to clean out my desk here at school. I’ve stored piles of student work and need to sift through the chaos.

geon bae!



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