Thursday Short: List

Everyday Life List.

1. Have you ever noticed that the closer you get to the end of something, the harder it is to stay focused? I am 12 days away from a 2 month winter vacation and all I can think about is Tokyo lights, going to Seoul, and fried chicken.

2. I can tell that I’ve grown in my teaching. I like this, a lot.

3. Korean barbecue is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

4. Hazelnut Snickers are pretty good, too. I’ve only been able to find them here in Korea.

5. “Crowded city, there ain’t anything free.” Right now, I’m listening to Waylon Jennings. It’s wonderfully sad music.

6. Last night, my host mom cooked pasta and made delicious cream sauce. Let me say this again: It was delicious.

7. I’m reading The Marriage Plot and it’s a great book. I’m only 100 pages in, but it’s a good English-language treat.

8. I’m thinking of doing something to my hair. It’s annoying me right now.

9. I’ve eaten more oranges since coming to Jeju than I have in my whole life. Go, oranges!

10. I found out the other day that the floor in my bedroom is heated. I was like “What luxury is this?!”

geon bae!



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