Tuesday Short: Sweet travels.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will go to the grave with a secret. However, I can’t seem to keep my own secrets.

For example, I’ll be taking a two-week vacation back home to the United States. I tried really hard to keep it a secret, since like October 8th when I  bought the tickets. So, to answer all of those who keep asking “Aren’t you going anywhere else beside Tokyo?,” the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” I’ll be heading back to My Old Kentucky  Home for a mere 14 days.

Also, not to be overshadowed, I’m so, so excited for Tokyo. Like, excited out of my mind. My friend Alley and I plan on doing nothing, except being the best American tourists the USA has to offer. Which includes eating lots of pizza and walking around Tokyo Disney mindlessly.

This is the opportunity of sweet travels, my friends.

geon bae!



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