Tuesday Short: Back on the right track.

Confession time! I’ve been a slack-tastic blogger for the past week. But when your semester is almost over and essentially next week is your last week of teaching an original lesson, things start to get slacky. Like blogging.

Never fear, though. I’m back from the the blogging dead. So, I’ve decided to offer tidbits about life since my last post.

– Only a mere four weeks until Tokyo. From what I understand, I’ll be going to Tokyo Disney, eating at Shakey’s Pizza, and spending too much time in a photo booth.

– I’ve been giving speaking tests this week to my first grade middle school students. It’s been really fun learning about their interests, favorite foods, and what they want to be when they grow up. Life’s a trip. Or a journey.

– I’m not for sure if I’ll finish my novel in time for NaNoWriMo. Essentially, my novel is a bunch of people having dramatic feelings and life cycles. However, it’s a push to 50,000 words! Regardless, I’ll finish and have written my first full novel.

– I’ve discovered that actually teaching is the best way to become a teacher. Experience is valuable in so many ways.

-I ate octopus tentacles on Sunday night. They have no taste, if we’re honest. Let’s all be honest.

– The new wood stove in my host family’s house makes the whole place smell like Cracker Barrel. Cheers for home cooking.

geon bae!



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