Wednesday Short: Lists

Lists, because it’s Wednesday morning (AKA – The Second Monday) and I would fall asleep with a full post.

Three days until Thanksgiving dinner in Seoul. I’ll be staying in a hostel in Hongdae, the party district of Seoul. Don’t worry mom and dad, there will be by far more sleeping than partying when I arrive.

I don’t know if I’m more excited about the plane ride, the subway ride, or the food. Being raised in a small down, the wonders of the urban world never cease to amaze me. I mean, there are metal tubes that run underground. Genius.

Recently, I’ve been watching Korean cooking  tutorials on YouTube. Now I’m like “I’m going to try to make that when I get back to the States.”

I’m about a month away from my 2 month winter break. I’m mostly excited because I’ll be jet-setting to Tokyo like a boss for a four -day vacation. I’m ready to get my Asian travel on. 

Since coming to Korea, I’ve been bit by the travel bug. By the time I was 18, I had already been to all 50 states and four foreign countries. After January, my total will be up to seven foreign countries (if you can count walking into North Korea during my visit to the DMZ). I’m now excited at the prospect of visit more countries when I return to the States.

Though I have decided to delay graduate school for one more year to teach, I’m still looking for English programs. Any suggestions, please send them my way.

So, I had a picture of my home in Kentucky magnetized to my desk “wall” at school. The day after a student told me she was jealous that I had a big yard (non-existent in compact Korea), the photo disappeared. I suppose if a student wanted the photo to look at the big yard, then I’m fine with it. It also could have fallen into a crevice somewhere.

Did I mention that everybody in Korea is so darned nice?

geon bae from the island and Happy Wednesday,





2 thoughts on “Wednesday Short: Lists

  1. Today at Trader Joe’s, Jess and I found kimchi. I told Jess, “We’ll hafta grab some of this when Sarah gets back and see if she’ll make us some awesome Korean food.” Exciting!

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