Monday Double Dip: ABCs

Sometimes, I just get an urge to write more. Right now, I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo, but the more I write, the more I have to write. It’s like a blessed curse. So, here we are, Sarah’s ABCs.

A – Age: 22 (Real birthday: Feb 25th. Lunar birthday: Feb 1st.)

B – Bed size: Twin

C – Chore I hate: Dusting.

D – Dogs: Johnny (a boxer/ Great Pyrenees mix) and Bo (RIP).

E – Essential to start my day: Breakfast.

F – Favorite color: pink

G – Gold or silver: Silver, silver, silver. And pearls. With more silver.

H – Height: 5’9″

I – Instrument I play: Banjo. Sort of.

J – Job title: Conversational English Teacher, Seogwipo Girls’ Middle School, Korea.

K – Kids: None. 527 if you count my students.

L – Live: I’m from Mackville, KY, but I’m currently living in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island, South Korea.

M – Mother’s Name: Kathy

N – Nicknames: Pearl, Scarey (due to unfortunate initials).

O – Overnight hospital stays: Pnemonia and pacemaker implementation. Not at the same time.

P – Pet peeves: Talking when I’m talking.

Q – Quote from a movie: I actually love the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Each line is comedy gold. Don’t judge me.

R – Right or Left Handed: Right

S – Siblings: One. He’s a boy.

T – Time it takes to get ready: 45 minutes.

U – Ultimate Vacation – All over Europe. Including Iceland.

V – Vegetable I hate – Tomatoes.

W – What makes me run late? Nothing. I’m a well-oiled, on-time machine.

X – X-rays: All of them.

Y – Yummy food I make: cookies.

Z – Zoo animal: Penguins.


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