The hardest thing.

I am very blessed that my life in Korea has been relatively easy. My classes aren’t horrible, lesson planning is becoming easier, and my home life is stellar. However, there is one aspect of life that is the hardest.

Going to church.

There I said it. Some argue that you can be a good Christian and not go to church, while others argue it should be a weekly staple of the Christian life. While I believe there is more scriptural evidence for attending church than not (don’t ask me to explain, ain’t nobody got time for that right now), that doesn’t mean I’m always the most enthusiastic on Sunday mornings on the island.

Going to church is hard for me in Korea. Even in all my pre-nunliness and the fact that I’ve purchased a Korean-English parallel Bible, going to church is one of the more difficult tasks of my week. Everyone at the church I attend is hospitable and friendly, showing Christ in every way possible. However, church is exhausting. Maybe it’s the fact that everything is in Korean and I tend to zone out (as the kids are saying these days) after a few minutes. And as selfish as this might sound, it’s sometimes hard to get anything from a service when you don’t understand anything.

Sure, I could venture to Jeju City on a weekly basis for English services, but I believe that I’ll only get Korean church once in this lifetime. That’s not to say I won’t visit Korean again after my grant is finished, but it may be a long time after July 2013 when I experience Korean church again. No, I haven’t “forsaken the assembly,” but I will admit, it’s one of the most difficult ventures of my week.

geon bae,




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