Friday Short: Tidbits

Tidbits, because a full post would put me to sleep.

Tomorrow will be my four month anniversary of leaving the US and arriving in South Korea. Can it really be four months?

In three weeks, I will travel to my favorite city in the world (Seoul) for an American Thanksgiving sponsored by Fulbright and the US Embassy in Seoul. I will also stay in a hostel and attend English services at the Anglican Diocese of Seoul. I’m very excited for this mini-vacation, not to mention the old timey food coma.

This month is November, which means one thing NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. The goal? Write 50,000 words. Yesterday I wrote over 4,000. I don’t typically write fiction for the audiences, but just for myself. This activity is a great way for me to relax and create a world beyond this world. I love writing!

I have completed my tenth week of teaching at Seogwipo Girls’ Middle School. Teaching is becoming easier as the weeks progress. Looking back at my first lessons as an ETA I wonder how anybody learned anything.

I’ve learned that real life is the best teacher.

59 days until my trip to Tokyo! I’m so, so excited to visit another country. I suppose I can technically county the DMZ steps into North Korea as visiting another country, so after Japan, I will have been to 7 foreign countries. We will be staying in Asakusa, a super touristy neighborhood in Tokyo.

I ate raw fish this week. It was delicious.

There is a staff member at my school that only knows two English phrases: “Good morning” and “Thank you.”   This morning I was walking down the hill to school and I hear someone yelling “GOOD MORNING!” Koreans are friendly people.

I have considered doing laundry one of my simple pleasures in life.

Because of my experiences in Korea thus far, one of my new life goals is to see as much of the world as possible in my life.

Today is the second day of November. Let that sink in.

Also, if I haven’t sent you a postcard from Korea yet, don’t get testy! I’ve been busy. I hope to send a few out within the next couple of weeks.

geon bae!




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