Tuesday Short: Coats

I am part of a secret organization of people that hate wearing coats. Ever since I can remember, I have tired to get out of wearing coats. I hate coats. They get in my way when sometimes, I just want to feel the chilly air without anything holding me back. On the other end of the spectrum, there is a league of women out there making sure I wear a coat.

I thought that when I got to Korea, I would be able to get away without wearing coats all the time. I mean, the afternoons are still warm and there’s no need for a coat to be worn. Yesterday, I tired to get away with not wearing a coat. It was almost out the door when I heard my host mother say my name and then various phrases in Korean to my host sister. My host sister then said “Teacher, are you not cold? You should wear a coat because it’s cold outside.”

Long story short: My host mother won the day. I wore a coat to school.

geon bae,



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