Thursday Short: Looking ahead.

Happy Thursday, Southerners!

Yesterday was mildly crazy, so I was unable to post. The weather here in Seogwipo is turning chilly and it’s feeling more like the American fall that I’m familiar with. If you can believe this, I’m halfway through my semester and I have nine more weeks of teaching. Next Monday will mark the two-month anniversary of living with my host family and soon, I will have been in Korea for four months. While sounding totally cliched, I’m not the same person I was when I left Kentucky over 3.5 months ago. Things are different and I’m looking ahead.

One thing I’m really excited about are my winter travel plans. Fulbright, in all it’s graciousness, allows ETAs up to 28 international travel days during winter break. Not holding back (and due to hemispherical luck), I’m excited that on New Years’ Day 2013, I’ll be travelling to Tokyo, Japan! Thankfully a fellow Georgetown College grad and very good, awesome, self-proclaimed Seoul sister (you see what I did there) will be there to help me navigate the fine, fine city of Tokyo.

So really, today’s blog post is me telling you that I’m going to Tokyo. And I plan for every minute of it to be awesome.

geon bae from a different kind of south,



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