Tuesday Short: The Life of Paper Cranes

Several weeks ago, two students gave me two small paper cranes that now sit on top of my computer. They are both a green and blue color, pretty nice if you ask me.

Last Friday, two other students noticed my cranes and came to the conclusion that my cranes needed a family.

“You need two bigger cranes at the bottom of your computer,” she said. “They can be the grandparents.”

So, yesterday, guess whose cranes got grandparents? Mine did, and they are yellow and pink. This morning, I was working before the first bell and the same students came with nine, that’s right, NINE miniature paper cranes.

“Children!” they said. Now my two cranes on the computer have grandparents, but now have nine uncles and aunts, all varying in shape and form. Paper cranes reproduce fast and come in many shapes and sizes.

In this vein, perhaps we could learn a lot about the life of paper cranes, especially if you’re living abroad. You hardly see one paper crane alone, he or she is usually paired with another paper friend.

We humans are a lot like paper cranes, we are made for human interaction. According to the Christian account of the creation of the world, God created male and female, to be together. We are social beings and meant to create bonds. I could stand to be more like a paper crane, I could stand to come out of my box a little bit more.

We could learn a bit from the life of the paper crane.


Only a few more days until Fall Conference! I’m excited to see my fellow ETAs!

Right now I’m listening to an acoustic version of Gangnam Style. If you don’t know Gangnam Style, go away.

Today (October 9th) is Hangul Day! It is the day that King Sejong the Great invented Hangul, or the Korean alphabet.

UPDATE: Paper crane count is now up to 100 billion. 

geon bae from a different kind of south!



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