The life after this.

No, I’m not talking about the afterlife, I’m talking about life after Korea.

“But Sarah, it’s not even 2013 and you’re already thinking about life after Korea? You need to slow the heck down.”

Yes, you’re probably correct, but I’ve found that it never hurts to plan ahead. Upon arriving in Korea on July 5th, I was already thinking of all the graduate schools I was going to apply to. The range of schools listed went from Ball State University’s dual linguistics TESOL program to the Ph.D. in English at Notre Dame University to an M.Ed. in English Language Learners at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education. I was like “I’m going to go to graduate school as soon as I get off of that plane next July. Forget visiting the old homeplace, I’m going straight back to student life.”

I felt this way until I actually began teaching in my classroom here in Korea. In fact, at times, I viewed the Fulbright experience as an opportunity to make my resume look really good for potential graduate schools. As it turns out, I enjoy teaching and I enjoy making my own money. With this, I’ve decided to pursue employment as a teacher upon my return to the United States. I’ll be putting that teaching certificate to good use.

Does this mean I’m forsaking the life of a scholar that I’ve always wanted?

Absolutely not.

I’m still the awkward medievalist with a desire to be bricked on to the side of a church and dish out wise, religious advice (long story short: an anchoress). I’ll return to the academy as a student, but not next year. Next year, I look forward to teaching in the United States and pray that I can find a job close to my family and church.

I guess that’s what the life after this one looks like.


This Friday I leave for Fall Conference. I don’t know if I’m more excited for the plane ride, the four-day weekend, or staying in a hotel. Regardless, I’ll be seeing Fulbright friends that I haven’t seen in over a month. I call it a win.

I’ve been in Korea for three months. It doesn’t seem that long, does it?

I’m thinking about winter travel, and right now, I’m looking forward to visiting Tokyo (aka Tokyo Fun Timez) with a good friend from college!

Later, I’m also considering a career as a Foreign Service Officer. I’ve caught the travel bug and I might as well get paid to do it!

Happy Monday and geon bae from a different kind of south,



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