Thursday Short: Easy

Today, I only taught one class. I try to refrain from using words like “good” class or “bad” class, but today was my “good” class.

These girls always come to class prepared, always want to learn, and always quietly participate. The only time I have to issue the “Listen” warning is if they get really excited about the content and then want to talk about it with their neighbor. When they found out in the United States that you can drive a car at 16-years-old, they were off the walls excited. It was then that I had to bring them down to level so we could continue the lesson.

Today was easy.

Some days are not so easy. When I pray for the day, I don’t pray that it will be easy, but I pray that I’ll make a difference. Do I like easy days when crowd control seems to do its own thing? Yes. Will days like this make a better teacher in the end? No.

Yes, we all like easy. But sometimes, a little push and pull is what make life matter.

Here’s that you have an easy day, but are blessed with a few trials a long the way.

Geon bae from a different kind of south,



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