Wednesday Short: Fast life.

These past few days have been a blur. I almost typed “Tuesday Short,” and then I remembered that it’s Wednesday. I’m living the fast life. So, consider this post partially fragmented and fully thoughtful.

Yesterday, and continuing today, I am judging a provincial English speaking competition. Yesterday’s presentations were wonderful, complete with Gangnam Styling middle school students and all the drama that English speaking competitions can have.

I was so excited that I was asked to judge and if you’re a Fulbrighter reading this, if you are asked to judge a speaking competition, I would highly suggest you do it! English is a fun language and I love watching its learners perform.

Within the next week is Chuseok, or “Korean Thanksgiving.” It is marked primarily by the remembrance and respect of one’s ancestors. Also, there’s lots of food. I’m eager to see how my family will celebrate this national holiday.

Third graders (9th grade) are taking exams this week, so my teaching load has been slightly reduced. For example, instead of five classes, I will be teaching three classes today.

Now, I’m listening to George Strait’s song Run. I’ve been on a country music streak for a while, but I’m not for sure there wasn’t a time where I wasn’t on a country music streak.

This week I’ve been teaching about American birthdays. The students really like watching the cake-baking video at the end of class. Food videos are always a big hit with students, regardless of age. Food is a big hit, period.

The weather is starting to cool down and I’m not sweating profusely. Let’s give the weather a round of applause for not making me sweat.

Here’s to Tuesday! Geon bae from a different kind of south,



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