Monday Short: Memories from Home

Today was a typhoon day. That means I’m at home right now, in shorts and an Avenger’s t-shirt. Judge me later.


Playing “Appleletters” on my bed.

I realized that I’ve done very little blogging about my home in Kentucky. My blogging content has been 99.2% about Korea and teaching, as is the goal of this blog. However, lately I’ve been thinking about home. Not in the homesick kind of way (Mom, you don’t have to get on the next plane to come and get me. I’m fine.), but in the thankful, reflective way. Some memories that I’ve been thinking about are from way back when, others from right before I left. For today’s short, I present a few memories from home.

1. Over my final college spring break, my brother and I went shopping with my mother in a town about 90 minutes away. At one point my brother, the family’s in-residence comedian, was getting restless. While driving through a shopping center, he rolled down the window, stuck his head out, and yelled “HEY LADY!” at an older woman walking on the sidewalk. My mother and I were mortified, but my brother found it hilarious.

2. When my brother first got his driver’s license, we went to the McDonald’s located in our county’s seat. He saw a few of his friends from school and they asked rather facetiously is I was his girlfriend. My brother didn’t bother to say “Yes” or “No.”

3. Even if you’re family isn’t heavy into farming within my home community, everybody can drive a tractor. You may not be able to

My brother and I, late summer 2000.

turn the thing on or change gears, but you can drive a tractor. When I was about 12 or 13, I was the official tobacco season tractor driver. After cutting the tobacco, it was my job to drive the tractor at a slow pace (1-2 MPH) in a straight line as my dad and the other helpers put the stalks up on the wagon. At one point, it began raining. And it kept raining. It rained more. Eventually, the tractor was sliding on the mud and I was yelling out of false panic. Everything turned out fine.

4. At age 4, I wanted to listen to Garth Brooks all the time. In the car with a radio? Garth Brooks. At one point during my Garth Brooks phase, I was certain my mother had put the wrong tape in the car cassette player. I just remember saying over and over “I WANT TO LISTEN TO GARTH BROOKS.” My mother kept saying “This is Garth Brooks!” I was certain she was lying and kept demanding Garth Brooks music immediately. I don’t really remember the rest of the car ride or where we were going; I just remember demanding Garth Brooks music.

5. Before my 8th grade year, my family went to Hawaii. After an early morning flight to Minneapolis, my mother and I sneaked around and ate cinnamon rolls in the airport terminal without my dad and brother. When we found my dad and brother, they were eating cinnamon rolls from Burger King, too. Why we were sneaking around about breakfast, I’ll never know. But we found each other out.

6. The August I began my freshman year of college, my brother had to go back to school without me. I remember on one August morning standing at the kitchen window, watching the bus go over the two small hills on our road. I remember watching for the bus to come back over the hills to drop him off. It was then that I realized I was becoming more like my mother. Mad props to Mom, she was right.

7. The day before I left for Korea, my dad was bent on having my suitcases packed to the tee. When I had to repack my suitcases to leave for Jeju Island, I was never able to get the original packing precision back to the original pre-Korea state. One day, if I’m ever able to pack suitcases like my dad, I know I’ve made it.

8. Three weeks before my departure, my family went to King’s Island. The last time my parents were at King’s Island, they were married for a year and thought terry-cloth hot pants was acceptable attire for an amusement park (after all, this was 1984). Now they have two kids over 16 and the hot pants are replaced with knee-length shorts, fanny packs, and sun visors. That day was a good day and when I feel stressed at school, I just think about that really good time I had at King’s Island.

I was also wearing a fanny pack and sun visor, if you were wondering. 

9. Finally. My mom and I were eating at a popular restaurant chain a few weeks after my college graduation. Our server was acting really fishy, but we got free salad. Still haven’t figured that one out, but it was good salad.

What odd memories will you always remember from your childhood?

geon bae from a different kind of south,



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