Learning to Teach

If my student teaching experience taught me anything, it’s that stealing is fine. Not in the five-finger discount kind of way, but in the stealing ideas from other teachers kind of way. During my student teaching experience, I struggled with classroom management. I’ll note that my kids weren’t fighting in class or burning books in the middle of my lectures, but they consistently chatted while I tried to teach. Some days, it really got to me. I would feel anger boiling inside and one day, I was so upset that I called home in tears just so I could let out all my frustration.

Now that I’m a teacher in Korea, my own student teaching experiences have been so valuable. I’ve engaged in a lot of idea theft from other teachers and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Even though I’ve been teaching three weeks, I’ve conducted my own research and practices in order to see what works in my classroom. Though I’m not a teaching expert, I’d like to share what has helped me so far in my classroom. Thorough pictures, ’cause sometimes, they’re more fun than words.

“The First Days of School” by Harry and Rosemary Wong.
This book was given to me by my education advisor at Georgetown College. The book has given me so many great ideas for classroom management and procedures. Order your copy today (and take good notes!).

Make a planner! Take a piece of construction paper and use post-it notes for your weekly goals. Gentlemen, I understand this might not be manly, but use a plain post-its if you’re not up to pink construction paper. Remove your goals when you’re finished!

Use a web-based calendar (such as Google Calendar) and sync it with your phone! This way, your important school dates are right at your fingertips.

If you’re a teacher, what tips would you like to share? What has worked for you? What has not?

geon bae from a different kind of south,





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