ABCs of Travel

I found a fun survey: the ABCs of travel!

A: Age you went on your first international trip. I was 14 years old and I went to Canada. However, I was 16 when I traveled to Egypt, Israel, and France. I would love to go back! I’ve also been to all 50 States.

B: Best (foreign) beer and where: I don’t drink beer, but I did take a few sips of Soju here in Korea. Tastes like it looks: rubbing alcohol.

C: Cuisine (favorite!): Mexican, but I’ve never been to Mexico. So, I’ll say that Korea makes a mean, mean, mean pizza. Every pizza I’ve had here has a magic quality. It might be the corn.

D: Destinations: Favorite? Least Favorite? Why? My favorite city is Seoul. I love Seoul, as it has a magical quality about it. I can’t say there’s a least favorite destination on my list. However, when I was an ungrateful 13-year-old, my parents took me to the Polynesian Culture Center in Hawaii and I thought it was the worst thing ever. Looking back, it was quite informative.

E: Event abroad that made you say “Wow!”: Visiting the places Jesus walked in Israel. Seeing the pyramids. Drinking Coke by the Eiffel Tower. Living with a host family in Korea. The list goes on and on and on…

F: Favorite mode of transportation: Plane. It’s fast and I love the feel of airports! However, on the ground, I love taking the bus. There’s a certain nomadic feel about waiting for the bus to arrive.

G: Greatest feeling while traveling: Definitely the moment I see a new country coming closer to me while in an airplane. It’s unbelievable.

H: Hottest place you’ve traveled: I was in Arizona once when it was 114 degrees. It was HAWT.

I: Incredible service you’ve received: When staying in both Egypt and Israel, the staff bent over backwards to make sure we were taken care of. Now that I’m in Korea, my host family is providing over-the-top hospitality!

J: Journey that took the longest: 12 hour flight from LAX to Seoul. It was grueling. Overall, I was in-transit for 24 hours. Goodness, it was awful.

K: Keepsakes from your travels: I have found that pictures do the best job of keeping memories.

L: Let-down sight and where: I swear I’d never let this see the light of day, but I was a wee bit disappointed when I saw the Spinx in Egypt. I thought it would be huge, but it was just big. However, I wouldn’t trade  the experience for the world.

M: Moment when you fell in love with travel: My first cross-country trip with my parents. I’m not for sure what they were thinking driving to California with two kids under 10, but we did it in record time. I’ll never forget family roadtrips.

N: Nicest hotel you’ve stayed in: This is a tough one. I’ve stayed in some swank hotel. I remember once when my family went out west and we stayed in a lodge-esque hotel. I thought it was the nicest place ever. I’ve also stayed at the Best Western Seoul Garden Hotel, which was extremely nice.

O: Obsession while traveling: Eating. Scale don’t lie. I love to eat local foods abroad!

P: Passport stamps. How many? 8.

Q: Quirkiest attraction you’ve visited? The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota and the “Comprehensive Museum” in South Korea. The museum was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. There was a exhibit about Jesus next to a glowing Eiffel Tower.

R: Recommended sight and experience:  The DMZ in Korea. Sober, yet breathtaking. Also, Sequoia National Park is a sight too.

S: Splurge, something you’ll fork over money for abroad: A smoothie or ice cream. Smoothies are my favorite treat and I’ll pay almost anything for one abroad.

T: Touristy thing you’ve done: “Panned” for gold in Alaska, luau in Hawaii, taking pictures next to a Republic of Korea soldier.

U: Unforgettable travel memory: My family and I ate an early breakfast on our first trip out to California. We drove for HOURS before we found a place to eat lunch. Finally, in Wyoming, we found a Golden Corral and demolished the place of it’s food. By the time we arrived, the place was empty of the lunch crowd, and the waitress made the cooks make extra pizza for us. That’s how ravenous my brother and I were.

V: Visas. How many and where? One, Republic of Korea (ROK), or AKA South Korea.

W: Wine? Best? Wouldn’t know. You tell me!

X: eXcellent view? Denali National Park in Alaska has great views. You should go sometime! Also, any mountain in the Northeast US has a killer view.

Y: Years spent travelling? 21 and counting…

Z: Zealous sports fans? I’d say my home of Kentucky has some crazy sports fans, but if you get Koreans at a soccer game, you’ll probably die from all of the excitement.







2 thoughts on “ABCs of Travel

    • It was blazing hot and so is Nevada.

      I went to the Grand Canyon for the first time at age 9. The whole time I was thinking “This giant hole in the ground is keeping me from the hotel swimming pool.” Now that I’m older, I’d like to go back.

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