Tuesday Short: The Defining Moment

We all have defining moments. There’s never just one.

However, today I’ve had defining moment.

Right now, I’ve finished the “skeleton” for next week’s lesson plan, my host mom is making dinner, and I’m in my room blogging. I’m also listening to Korean music. I’m writing a letter to friends at home. This afternoon, I treated myself to my first smoothie in several weeks and mailed postcards back home. I took the bus again. I finally feel a strange sense of home. Of course, my own bed is 8,000 miles away on the second floor of a white house in Kentucky. However, to be a foreign country, I am at home.

Today was a defining moment.

If you’ve traveled abroad or moved to a different environment, did you have a defining moment? What was it like?

Geon bae from a different kind of south,



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