Thursday Short: Courage

Right now, the sun is shining, but the wind is blowing some freaky rain mist around. Supposedly, we’re experiencing a bit of Typhoon Tembin, whose winds ripped through Seogwipo last night. I woke up, only to (thankfully) see no damage.

Today, I’ve been learning about courage. And my own uptight nature.

I’ve always feared of being labelled as the “fun teacher.” We all know that one teacher. The one that lets you have free time or throws candy at you for breathing. Or the one that always plays games that are unrelated to the material. Maybe you loved that teacher. Maybe you hated that teacher. Honestly, I never want to be that teacher. I want so bad to be the teacher that makes you work, but makes you feel good about your work. Perhaps I was taking the notion too far.

As I was planning my English lesson for my first-year middle school students, I noticed that I was heavy on the words and light on the interaction. During my student teaching semester, I was light on recreation and heavy on practice, practice, practice for my students. As I was looking through previous ETA lessons for middle school students: I had an epiphany.

Are you ready?

If I’m not having fun making the lesson, then my students probably won’t have fun participating in the lesson. For me, having fun in the classroom takes courage. It takes bravery to go outside and maybe become the “fun teacher.”

Heck, if the girls learn English because I’m the “fun teacher” then it’s worth it. Here’s to new pedagogical styles and me not talking as much in the classroom.

geon bae from a different kind of south,





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