Wednesday Short: Entertaining the Tough Crowd

Teaching is about learning, but it’s also about entertaining the tough crowd. Let’s be honest.

Today, though I am only halfway through it, has been a bit of a taxing day. I only see my students once a week, which means I teach the same lessons 15 times/week. Right now, in my intro lesson, I can recite every detail by heart. I can do the do the Kentucky Fried Chicken spiel right now. Just ask me to talk about KFC. I’ll do it. However, after a bout of giggles regarding Kentucky and chicken, it returns to the typical stares of waxing boredom. As a teacher, this is often devastating.  However, to look out and see uninterested and bored faces is a slash to the professional ego. I’m sure this is the feeling many pastors or professors on a daily or weekly basis. To prepare hard, only to see a few interested souls.

However, allow me to regroup. I’m not saying I’m devastated to the point of forsaking the business of education. In fact, I’m delighted to be at this school. I feel like I’ve worked here for years and that’s a delightful feeling to have. On the other hand, I know that teaching is a hard row to hoe. It’s a rewarding task, but sometimes tiresome. Today, I am tired. However, the next hour and day is a new one.

Geon bae from a different kind of south,



One thought on “Wednesday Short: Entertaining the Tough Crowd

  1. It will get easier in time, don’t worry! You’re still getting used to a new culture and now you have to get used to a new job and get to know new students. As a professor myself, my only suggestion is to do something (a new exercise) a little different in each class, this will help alleviate the feeling of repetition. I’m sure you’re doing great!!

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