Tuesday Short: Typhoon

Today, my host mom and host sister were in the car, ready to go to school. Then we got the call: NO SCHOOL.

That’s right, Day 2 of my teaching career in Korea and classes were cancelled. However, my host sister and I weren’t that disappointed, as we immediately jumped back into our pajamas and resumed to chill for the rest of the day. Let’s be serious though, typhoons are serious business. Last night, my host family locked all the windows, put newspaper on the windows (as a method of “boarding up”), and waited the storm out.

In the middle of the night, the storm raged on and on, even at this morning at 6:45 am when I woke up. The calm now is mere nothingness compared to the storm last night. We were originally scheduled to go to school at 10:00 am, but at 9:15 am school was cancelled. School in South Korea is hardly ever cancelled, my friends. Typhoons are serious business. So, if you’re reading this in Korea and the storm is just now reaching you, be safe. And if you’re school is closed, enjoy the day off.

In other news:

Happy belated anniversary to my parents, married August 27th, 1983. Four years ago, they celebrated their 25th anniversary after dropping me off at college. Now I’m in South Korea and totally forgot. Anyway, here’s to 29 more years!

geon bae,




2 thoughts on “Tuesday Short: Typhoon

  1. Quite interesting how you remembered we took off for an early anniversary celebration after dropping you off at College. We will be pretty old if we make it 29 more years!!!

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