Sunday Tidbits

Sunday Tidbits for Sunday, August 26th, 2012.

Today, I went to Home Plus with my host family. I needed to purchase rain boots (it rains all the dang time here), and as it turns out, the store is three floors high with an English tutoring department and a parking garage. I hear that Home Plus is owned by Tesco, for

Seogwipo City with the ocean and “islands” in the background.

those of you Georgetown College folk who went to Regent’s Park College in Oxford. The Tesco name may ring a few shopping bells.

I went to down to the sea side today with my family to look at an island just off the shore from Jeju. It was very, very pretty with gigantic waves. Apparently, the ocean is very calm, but a typhoon is approaching South Korea and will hit tomorrow. Every one here is so chill about it. My host parents have told me “Yeah, it’s a typhoon, so be careful. They only last a few days.”

I begin teaching tomorrow, August 27th. I will teach second and first graders (there are three years in Korean high school, 12 years of school altogether). I hope to make name tags and lay down some ground rules for the classroom. I also have posters that I would like to hang up.

My host mom makes great kimchi. Essentially, kimchi is fermented cabbage (it’s hard to explain), but she does it right. Granted, if someone in the United States asked if I wanted to eat kimchi, I’d hesitate, but this is really good stuff.

If you haven’t already, I hope that someday everybody gets to eat a piece of Jeju chocolates. They’re quite famous here in Jeju and are filled with flavors such as Mandarin orange, raspberry, and Jeju cactus. I haven’t tried the cactus flavor yet.

I’m on the hunt for a church here in Seogwipo. You might think that finding a church in a town of 80,000 is not difficult, but the language barrier accounts for a lot of struggles. I want to find a church where I can use my Korean, yet do it comfortably. Please pray that I find the local church where Our Lord wants me to be.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I’m totally blessed/lucky/overblessed that I’m here on the island. Totally the best thing ever.

Peace, geon bae, and saram from a different kind of south,



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