Learning “Jeong” and other tidbits.


Without this, many Koreans believe that their lives and relationships would be meaningless. Jeong is much more than love or having a soulmate, it’s deep, mutual respect between a small group of people. You are obliged to those who have jeong with, it’s part of the greater culture (but it takes time to develop) This coming year, I want to develop Jeong within my school, community, and especially my homestay.

I’ve been in Korea almost a month and I feel right at home. I walk on the jogging track every night and study in my room. It’s just like the college life, only in Eastern Asia. And on a peninsula.

So far, I lost 15 pounds since coming to Korea. Lots of people tend to panic when they hear this, but be comforted, I am indeed eating. I’ve also started exercising and I’m also not grazing on food like I used to in the States. Korean culture doesn’t really allow for food grazing in-between meals. That doesn’t mean you can’t but I still have yet to really see it done. I’m also having 1 soda every other day. That beats my 3 Diet Cokes per day back home. Water is the beverage of choice in Korea, especially with meals. Sometimes, not having many options is a good thing.

Something that brings me comfort in Korea is saying the Daily Office using the online Book of Common Prayer. If you’re looking for a good devotional to jump-start your prayer and scripture reading life, I would suggest using here, and pairing it with the Revised Common Lectionary from the Vanderbilt University Divinity School. It helps me know what Bible passages to read for the day. It’s good for a routine of Bible study and prayer.

I’m teaching a lesson today about history/autobiography. I’m teaching on telling your life story, and I’m using pictures form home to tell my students about Kentucky. Kentucky is a rather popular state here in Korea, as told by the presence of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I hope to indulge in at least one KFC trip during my time here.

So, I’ve been thinking about where I’d like to travel over winter break. I could globe trot over Asia. I need to start planning. Or maybe later.

I’ve signed up to take a K-pop dance class on Sunday. We’re going to a city right outside Seoul to do practice dancing and to go shopping. I’m kinda pumped. Not gonna lie.

23 days until Departure Day to our schools. It’s gonna go fast.

Good night America and geon bae from a different kind of south,



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