I am a Kentucky person.

나는 켄터키의 사람이다 (a roughly literal translation: I am from Kentucky).

One of my Korean language teachers asked where I was from. Of course, I said “Kentucky.”

“Like KFC? Kentucky Fried Chicken?” she asked. Yes, just like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The other day, someone asked if I grew up a “Southern Belle” since I had the legit “Southern Experience” of growing up on a farm that occasionally raised tobacco and cows. I don’t think I grew up a belle, but definitely more of a bookworm.

Yesterday, when I asked my students where I was from they said “Kentucky!”

In Korea, when translated into English, you say that “I am a Kentucky person.” In these past 19 days, I have realized that I am a Kentucky person, and I am very proud to be representing the great state (or Commonwealth) of Kentucky here in both Fulbright and South Korea.

I think Kentucky has a lot to offer to the world: horses, dang good literature (Lexington was named one of the literary capitols of the US), bourbon, and four great Fulbright ETAs. I’m a Kentucky person, but I’m also a teacher and victim of positive, organized wanderlust.

Yes, I am a Kentucky person. Yes, I’m a Fulbright ETA.


I also wear shoes.


4 thoughts on “I am a Kentucky person.

  1. Nice post. I’m from Kentucky too and live in Beijing, where there are more KFCs than any other Chinese chain restaurant. Every time I mention that I’m from Kentucky to one of the locals, I get the same kind of response. At least the association here is positive!


    • I love the responses! The KFC response was also common in Hawaii when I was there many years ago. I believe that being a Kentuckian is most certainly a positive.

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