Morning Musings: Taking care of business or Sarah takes care of herself.

Confession: In college, I often suffered from “home syndrome.” I was 90 minutes and 65 miles away from my home, but I knew that’s where I could go if things at school just got lame. Home fixed everything. Granted, I had very few problems during my college career outside of self-induced stress, but home fixed everything. I slept in my own bed and home had boxes and boxes of Kroger macaroni and cheese (the ultimate fixer).

Fact: Home is 7,000 miles away and I won’t be back for another six to seven months at the earliest (and that’s if I decide to visit during the winter break).

I decided shortly after arriving in South Korea that I can no longer rely on “home syndrome.” Sometimes a lady needs to depend on herself to get things done, especially abroad. I’ve made it an effort to exercise, to make a daily schedule, and to not fall trap to the occasional “I’m a Fulbright fellow and I’m really stressed by stuff right now” mindset.

If South Korea has  taught me anything, it’s that if I want something done, even something simple as setting a routine, I have to take the initiative to do it myself. I can’t go home in two hours and hit “reset,” I have to do it myself. Perhaps this is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned so far.

What type of daily routine do you adhere to? How do you get things done? What do you do when life gets stressful?

I’d love to know!

geon bae and good morning from a different kind of south,




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