Goesan goals.

Since arriving in South Korea nine days ago, I’ve been on the goal train. I’ve been thinking about goals for my classroom, my personal life, and even life here in Goesan during my orientation period. So here it goes: 5 Goesan Goals.

1. Take the shuttle into town and figure out where and what times it stops. This may sound simple, but I speak minimal Korean, so this will be trial and error.

Jungwon University in Goesan.

2. Enjoy a piece of cheesecake at Paris Baguette. Apparently, this is a chain in the United States with stores only in three states. Apparently, these stores are all over the place in Korea, even in tiny, tine Neon Kentucky Goesan.

3. Read one book. I’ve been ridiculously busy during orientation and I f ind myself collapsing at night. I want to be able to find time to do something I enjoy: read.

4. Develop a set of rules and procedures for my classroom. After all, that’s what orientation is for, correct?

5. Learn to control my stress levels. In college, I often blew my stress out of proportion and I want to use my experience in South Korea to learn to manage my stress.

These are my Goeasan goals. What else would you suggest?


One thought on “Goesan goals.

  1. Have FUN! Soak it all up and enjoy every moment. You have the rest of your life to wallow in your thoughts and plans. Sometimes the “unplanned” end up being the best memories. 🙂

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