Fried egg sandwiches, language lessons, and taekwondo.

It’s funny which memories remain with you after your childhood has been in the rearview mirror for a couple of years. Back in my early teen years, my dad went through a two-week phase where he ate a fried egg sandwich every night for dinner. This morning, we had fried egg sandwiches. Not just with plain white bread, with fried toast. Buttery, fried toast. Sweet, buttery toast. That’s been fried. Sweet goodness. Toast. With butter. Toasty toast.

Back to reality.

Though I’m slowly growing accustomed to Korean food, I’m learning to appreciate what I snubbed back home. Like fried egg sandwiches. My mother would say “Hey, do you want a fried egg sandwich?” And then I would say, “No, ’cause who wants egg on bread?” Well, I really enjoyed my egg on bread this morning and I’ll always remember the day I clamored for a fried egg sandwich.

This morning, all Fulbrighters began our language classes. I was placed in the beginner’s class, but that’s no surprise. It also helped that I worked to memorize Hangul , the Korean alphabet, before I arrived in Korea. This really helped in learning the proper sounds and words in Korean. Though I only know basic phrases, I know these intensive classes will really assist in my language acquisition. Language is a neat thing, and if you haven’t already, try to learn a new one. It’s never too late!

Today also marked the first day of taekwondo classes. I expected something along the lines of this:

If you haven’t seen the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite, then the reference is wasted. Anyway, I expected a very strict atmosphere, but our Master is a really neat gentleman who wants to learn English and has taught Fulbrighters the martial art for 3 years. I look forward to studying the national sport of South Korea in a relaxed, yet professional, atmosphere.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Jai Ok Shim, the head of the Korean-American Education Fulbright Commission is coming for a visit. We also have a few more teaching workshops. I should also probably do laundry sometime this week. Overall, things are pleasant in this different kind of south.


PS: Enjoy some easy listening from one of my favorite artists, Sufjan Stevens.


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