R-O-C-K in the RoK!

You know that song, “R-O-C-K in the USA?” See what I did with this blog post, only instead of USA, I used RoK (Republic of Korea)? OK, enough of my wit, but today, we Fulbrighters received a rock star treatment.

Today, a about 14 of us visited an all-girls high school in an nearby province about an hour away. It was a fairly new high school (built

Teaching students about bizarre and American foods. Sometimes both.

in 2007) and had a little over 1,000 students. As we walked through the hallways, the students were very excited to see foreigners and many asked where we were from. We watched a present ETA (English Teaching Assistant) teach a class of high school girls about American foods and where they come from. For example, Creole food comes from New Orleans while biscuit and gravy comes from Kentucky. As part of the activity, we in-training ETAs each helped a group of students design their own “bizarre foods.” The group that I watched concocted a new recipe called “Explosion of Taste.” It essentially consisted of caterpillars , soy sauce, and red pepper sauce. Though this was not a real food, the activity helped the students use their English skills in an everyday writing scenario. On a more humorous note, the girls asked where I was from. After discovering that I was from Kentucky, they asked what it was like and what kind of animals we had. I simply said that there’s not a lot of cities, but we have lots of horses and cows. It was a very good visit.

Now, I’m also thinking about my own placement at the end of August. I grew up in a small, small town and I think I may want to be placed in a suburban area. Moreover, I was very impressed with the idea of single-gender education and I want to look deeper into the lives of Korean girls and women. Perhaps an all-girls school may be an option for my placement. However, I’ll go where the good Lord and Fulbright places me.

In other news:

Today, after the visit, was simply one of those days. We were late getting back from our tours, the bus was hot, the sun was in my eyes, and my stomach was a little upset. I was tired of rice, tired of lettuce, and I simply wanted to go home. Not in the “If I don’t go home I’ll die” sense, but I did yearn for home. After getting in and changing into my pajamas, I took a nap. Sometimes, we just have those days.

– Korean language classes begin tomorrow. I’m very excited to venture into this new experience

– Taekwondo officially starts tomorrow. It was supposed to start this evening, but the director thought it best that we start tomorrow (7/10).

geon bae!




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