Things I already know about South Korea.

I’ve been here 24 horus and here’s what I already know about South Korea:

1. South Korea’s terrain is a lot like Kentucky/Virginia/West Virginia. Take away the Korean characters on the building, and you may easily think you’re right back in Kentucky.

2. Korea humid is HUMID. Like breathing in water humid.

3. In the rainy season, it rains. A lot. In fact, it’s raining very, very hard right now.

Downtown in a South Korean city.

4. Korean rest stops beat American rest stops. At the one in which we stopped, there was multiple places to get food, huge bathrooms, and shops. It was like a mini-mall.

5. There is soup at  almost every meal (from my observations).

6. In a meeting, we learned that Koreans value communal living. Korea is “our country,” we attend “our church,” it is “our province.” A Korean saying is, “If you only have one bean, share it.”

7. Everybody carries an umbrella. In the United States, I’ve seen people simply walk through the rain. In fact, I’ve done it!

8. Bowing is very, very important. Depending on the individual, you may bow a full 90 degrees or if it  is a colleague, you may bow only 45 degrees. Korean lesson: “Annyeong haseyo” is a formal way to acknowledge someone and ask “Hello, how are you?”

9. I’ve seen lots of places to buy food, such as restaurants, in one area. It’s very compacted.

10. Greenhouses. There are greenhouses everywhere, and the terrain looks just like home.



2 thoughts on “Things I already know about South Korea.

    • Yes! If it’s someone such as your boss, you would do a full 90 degree bow. After that, or if you see him or her more throughout the day, you may give a slight bow.

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