Notes from Charlotte, North Carolina.

We’ve made it to Charlotte, North Carolina! After eating a bagel sandwich, I think I’m ready to settle down and call back home with updates. It was a quick (about 45 minutes) flight with a few turbulent bumps, but overall, it was a good ride from the Bluegrass State. When the tires lifted off of the runway in Lexington, I realized that it would be my last time on the ground in Kentucky for a little over a year. It’s sobering thought.

Creepy “I’m in Charlotte, NC” hellos.

And if you’re wondering, after saying goodbye to my dad and going through TSA security measures, I cried. I cried all the way to the terminal and then I was like “Wait, I’m on my way to South Korea. No more crying. There’s no crying in Fulbright.” So I stopped crying. Now there’s three of us Fulbrighters sitting here in the terminal: journaling, writing, and surfing the web. We’re getting things done!

Also, I’d like to apologize to my mother for leaving my room a mess. I hope she’ll understand.




2 thoughts on “Notes from Charlotte, North Carolina.

  1. I understand about the room it is waiting for your return to clean it. I have everything already waiting for you pledge and all. I love you!!!!! momma

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