a last american night dream


it’s the last american night dream

in red and white and maybe blue

and the sound of nothing in the distance

its the last american night dream.


It’s like I was never here already and

i’m somewhere looking for something more

and somewhere between here and there

i’ll dream of home, but not enough to draw out

some pain of going back. mama didn’t raise no sad thing.


Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy

Bring me liturgy, bring me a rhythm

for I trust in You. No, I’m not a missionary

this round, but I’m living for something greater.

God bless Fulbright, God bless the Peninsula.

this is a last night american dream.


and i’m ready to wake up.


One thought on “a last american night dream

  1. I am so glad you are at peace with this. I don’t see how you could sleep. I never can the night before something big.

    Blessings and Prayers

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