Reads for the Road (or Air)

Everybody knows I’m a reader and everybody asks “What are you going to read on the plane?” For 24 hours, I’ll have the ability to read my brains out, and this is what’s on the Sarah Air Library.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

It’s dystopian and probably teaches a good lesson at the end.

Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams by Sylvia Plath

Gosh, I love Sylvia.

from Barnes and Noble

Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

(Before you read this, read the excellent prequel: Shanghai Girls)

from Barnes and Noble

Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren F. Winner

I haven’t read anything by Winner that I have loved and re-read.

From Barnes and Noble

And of course, there’s the Kindle books I’ve downloaded. What are your favorite traveling books?


6 thoughts on “Reads for the Road (or Air)

  1. Congrats on your assignment. I look forward to traveling along with you through your blog. Congrats also on being blogger of the week. I just read a book and I am working on the review. I think you should add it to your list of TBR books. Date Pray Wait by Londa Hayden. It is a wonderful book. I plan on recommending it to all my friends with daughters. Donna

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